Books, Edited Volumes, and Special Issues

2018 Special Issue. Frontier Urbanism: Tracking Transformation in Agrarian-Urban Hinterlands of South Asia. Co-edited with Rajarshi Dasgupta. Review of Urban Affairs. Economic and Political Weekly.

2015 Gender in the Himalaya: Feminist Explorations of Identity, Place, and Positionality.
Himal Books for the Association for Nepal and Hima­layan Studies and Social Science Baha. Co-edited with Kim Berry.

2015 Special Issue. Ethnographies of the Political: Honouring Malcolm Blincow.
Anthropologica. Volume 57: 1. Co-edited with Karl Schmid

2014 Special Issue. New Frontiers of Ecological Knowledge:  Co-producing Knowledge and Governance in Asia. Conservation and Society. Co-edited with Peter Vandergeest.

2014 Themed IssueGender in the Himalaya. Himalaya: The Journal of the Association of Nepal and Himalayan Studies. Co-edited with Kim Berry. Vol. 34: No. 1

Refereed Articles and Book Chapters

2018  “When Land Becomes Gold: Political Ecology of the Commons in an urbanizing frontier.” In Land Rights, Biodiversity Conservation and Justice: Rethinking parksand people. Co-Editors: Sharlene Mollett and Thembela Kepe. Routledge University Press.

2017 “Designed_to_Fail_Technopolitics_of_Disavowal_and_Disdain_in_an_Urbanising_Frontierned to Fail”: Techno-politics of Disavowal and Disdain in an Urbanizing Frontier.”Economic and Political Weekly. 

2015 “Introduction.” Ethnographies of the Political: Honouring Malcolm Blincow. Special Issue of Anthropologica. Volume 57: 1. Co-edited with Karl Schmid

(2014) “Introduction: New Frontiers of Ecological Knowledge:  Co-producing Knowledge and Governance in Asia” Special Issue in Conservation and Society. (with Peter Vandergeest)

(2014) “Shifting Terrains: Questions of Governance in India’s Cities and their Peripheries.” In Suburban Governance. Pierre Hamel and Roger Keil. University of Toronto Press. Toronto. (with Burak Kose)

(2014) “Cultural Politics of Gendered Identity, Place and Positionality.” Special Section. Himalaya, The Journal of the Association of Nepal and Himalayan Studies. Vol. 34: No. 1 (with Kim Berry)

(2014) "Geographies that Make Resistance”: Remapping the Politics of Gender and Place in Uttarakhand, India," Himalaya, the Journal of the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies: Vol. 34: No. 1, Article 12.

(2013) “On Capital’s Edge: Gurgaon, India’s Millennial City.” In Suburban Constellations: Governance, Land, Infrastructure in the 21st Century. Ed. Roger Keil. Jovis.

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(2009) Commentary“When Is Housing an Environmental Problem: Reforming Informality in Kathmandu.” By Anne Rademacher. Current Anthropology. Volume 50. No. 4

(2002) “Constructions of Third World Women’s Knowledge in the Development
 International Social Science Journal. Special Issue on Indigenous Knowledges. No. 173. September.

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