Current Projects

1. Global suburbanisms: governance, land, and infrastructure in the 21st century. SSHRC-MCRI Project.

This multi-year project brings together a interdisciplinary team of researchers from around the world and maps the processes, practices, and politics of suburbanization as it unfolds in different forms. Exploring the gated communities of the global north as well as the slums and suburbs of the south, the project through diverse methodologies takes stock of worldwide suburban developments while analyzing their governance models, land use, infrastructure and suburban everyday life.

I am the Project Lead for South Asia as well as Waste and Sewage themes.

2. Capital's Edge: The Making of India's Millennial City

This book length research project explores the changing frontiers of urbanization in India. It focuses on the unfolding dynamics of agrarian urbanisms in Gurgaon and traces the politics of land, property, and ecology.

3. Live Stock: When Humans, Cattle, Hybrids, and Jerseys Meet in Kumaon Himalayas

This project addresses how anthropology can draw on and develop further the ‘more-than-human’ analytics for understanding the society/nature relationship and focuses its attention to the cattle in the Himalayas. It considers the non-human, and particularly the animal, as a serious matter of concern and views it as constitutive of social and political networks of everyday life.

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