Graduate Supervisions

Hana Shams Ahmad (Ph, Anthropology) in progress
Peige Desjarlais (PhD, Anthropology) in progress
Maxime Polleri (PhD, Anthropology) in progress
Guillaume Dandurand (PhD, Anthropology) in progress

Recently Completed PhDs

Khairul Chowdhury. (Anthropology)
Dissertation Title: The Making of Political Forests in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh. (Completed April 30, 2014)
Jaime Yard. (Anthropology)
Dissertation Title: Working Natures: An Ethnography of Love, Labour, and Accumulation on the British Columbian Coast. (Completed September 14, 2012)
Keith Barney. (Geography)
Dissertation Title: Grounding Global Forest Economies: Resource Governance and Commodity Power in Rural Laos. (Completed May 2011)
Robert Snyder (Anthropology)
​Dissertation Title: Becoming Groundfishers in an Era of Depletion in the Northeastern United States. (Completed February) Current Position: Executive Vice President. Island Institute. Maine.
Karl Schmid. (Anthropology)
Dissertation Title: Losing Your Place Tourism and the Making of Enclaves in Luxor, Egypt. (Completed November 2006.)
Current Position.
Donald Leffers (PhD, Geography) completed 2015 (Member)
Michelle Switzer (PhD, Anthropology)  completed 2015 (Member)

Doctoral Committee Membership

2017 Wendy Medina de Leora (PhD, Geography) in progress
2016 Chaya Ocampo Go (PhD, Geography) in progress
2015 Aidan Nolan (PhD, Communication) in progress
2014 Stephanie Creighton (PhD, Anthropology) in progress
2014 Effroysini Rantou (PhD, Anthropology) in progress
2014 Kira Turner (PhD, Anthropology) in progress
2013 Fayaz Chagani (PhD, SPT) in progress
2012 Kenneth Cardenas (PhD, Geography) in progress
2011 Jessica Caparusso (PhD, Anthropology) in progress
2011 - Darren Patrick (PhD, FES) in progress

Recently Completed MAs

Alex Mac Neil (Anthropology) MRP Title: Sense and politics after fukushima: Notes on everyday life,  radiation, and the aesthetics of an online blog.  (Completed May 2017)
Simon Posner (Anthropology) Thesis Title: “Mythologizing a ‘zone city’: Urban fantasies of and in Songdo, South Korea.”  (Completed September 2015)
Iris Suggett (Development Studies) Thesis Title. “Establishing expertise, brokering meaning: A study of gender-based violence in Bangladesh. (Completed May 2012)
Andrew Schuldt. (Anthropology) MRP Title. Powerful Currents: The Making of the Grid and the People in Ontario. (Completed April 2012)
Daniel Danoub. (Anthropology) MRP Title “Fogo Island Arriving: An Anti-essentialist Reading of the Production of Place.” (Completed. September 2011)
Courtney Nickerson. (Anthropology) Thesis Title. Connections, Practices, and the Particular: A Multispecies Ethnography of the Southwestern Shore of Nova Scotia. (Completed August 2011)
Ryan Johnston. (Anthropology) Thesis Title: Tears for the Tiger: Emotional Knowledge, Contested Authority,and Intimate Experience in the Construction of Endangered Species.  MRP. (Completed February 2011)
Radha Shah. (Anthropology) Thesis Title: “Hamdard and Unani: The Contested Terrain of Indo-Muslim Medical Knowledge.” (Completed May 2015)
Jessica Trinier. (Anthropology) Research Paper Title: Interrogating the Intersection: Productive Difference and Nature as Agent in the Cree- Environment, Alliance of the Great Whale Campaign  (1989 - 1994). (MRP Completed in May 2007).